Itchy! in Global Game Jam 2009

“Itchy!” is a game that was developed in 48-hours of Global Game Jam 2009 in Ankara, Turkey.

It is about a bug running and eating things while trying to avoid the scratching by the hand of the giant creature it is walking on.

We really worked on the gameplay, I think we managed to make it fun and interesting. However, it is short, it has no levels (only a random map). Nevertheless, the difficulty is adjustable and the sound effects are great. Reminds me a bit of Dungeon Keeper.

Escape the scratch!

Avoid the scratch!

Download Itchy 1.01

About Itchy

Visit Itchy’s page on

The competition in Turkey took place at ATOM, METU. 13 games were developed by 47 people. You can see other games from Turkey. Or all 300+ games that were made in GGJ 2009.

I am currently writing a postmortem for the game. As soon as it’s complete, I will publish the relevant parts here.



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